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A Box Set of the first three in my Tales From a Second-Hand Wand Shoppe Series is available for your reading pleasure.
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Welcome visitors, to the page of Robert P. Wills

That’s me. I am an inventor of varied items, writer of several genres, speaker of several languages, and above all, a terrible chess player.

I am currently in a writing phase- my Tales From a Second-Hand Wand Shoppe series (below right) is available on Amazon here.
  You can get the eBook version of Book 1 for a paltry 99 cents. Not even a full dollar. For that pittance you get High Adventure, Humor, Romance, Friendship, Unbridled Hatred, Redemption, Raging Infernos, and of course, conniving, underhanded Gnomes in the middle of it all, just trying to run a wand shop. All in just over 105,000 words.

There’s also a vampire story out, and a ghost story. They don’t have love, friendship, redemption, or Gnomes. They do have a bit of blood, gore, and killing. So they’re not all bad!

Real Note:  As a GI who lives overseas, NOTHING bugs me more than hearing “SORRY- we don’t ship to APOs”.

You won’t hear that from me! Not only will I gladly ship anything you buy from me to APO’s and FPO’s, I’m not going to charge you for it! If you buy a wand or book or Garden Hose Guide from me and the site charges you shipping, I’ll refund it. Not the Jeep Door Rack– they weigh 80 pounds.

     Stay Safe and Thanks for  Serving!

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